What is nuBase: A Coworking Space?
nuBase is a premium co-working facility where you and your team will craft the present and future in an environment that is uniquely supportive, professional, and one that fosters creativity and work productivity, all in your own desired manner. Three key pillars of foundation at nuBase are Professionalism, Creativity & Community. Located in the heart of Gurgaon, the space is easily accessible from Huda City Centre, Cyber City, Sector 29, Iffco Chowk.
What is Co- Working?
Co-working is a method of working wherein professionals from different product and service industries, of varied backgrounds and age, unite at a common physical workplace to perform their own individual work. Co-working spaces are taken by individuals or groups, and these groups maybe small or large in size. Members either work at their assigned work stations or rooms, or at flexible work stations often on the basis of first come, first serve. Co-working facilities are gaining enormous popularity owing to the convenience it provides to its members, as well as top notch facilities such as quality work stations and ambiance, cafe, meeting and conference rooms, walking areas etc.
Is there a License Agreement I need to Sign?
Yes, there is an agreement that the client will have to sign with us. The agreement will have the necessary term and conditions for the client to adhere to, while being at the space along with details of roles, responsibilities and deliverables from our end to the client during his term at the office space.
What are the working hours?
The working hours are 9:00 am-7:00 pm, Monday to Friday.
Are the working hours flexible?
Yes. In case you would like come in early or leave late or work on weekends, we are happy to make special arrangements for use of the space and services beyond normal office hours. Kindly tell us a week in advance so that we have time make the necessary arrangements. We will try our best to deal with a service request at the earliest opportunity, but will not be held responsible for any delay.
Can more people than the allotted workstations work at the office space?
No, the number of desks booked by you, only those number on people can work at the space at one point of time. In case you have more people than expected, you can enquire about additional space.
Are there any complimentary facilities provided in the space?
Yes, you have many complimentary facilities included in your package. We offer 100% electricity & power backup, high speed Wi-Fi and internet, 24x7 security and housekeeping, fully functional café, mail and courier handling services, conference room and meeting room access (allotted hours per week), access to common areas.
Are there charges for the meeting room and conference room?
Yes. If you exceed the complimentary hours allotted in the package, you have to pay INR 1000/hour for meeting room (2-4 seater) and INR 1500/hour for conference room (12 seater)
Do I have to make prior reservation for meeting room usage and conference room?
Yes, it is advisable to make prior booking a day in advance for usage of meeting and conference rooms.
Can I not be a member and use the meeting room and conference room?
Yes, you can. You have to pay INR 1000/hour for meeting room (2-4 seater) and INR 1500/hour for conference room (12 seater)
How long can I book the meeting room / conference room for?
You can book the conference/meeting room for anywhere between 1hr or full day.
Can I entertain outsiders?
Yes, you are most welcome to. You can use the common areas such as outdoor green area, café, breakout area, casual meeting areas and reception for the same.
Can I do my meetings in the office space?
Yes, you are most welcome to. You can use the common areas such as outdoor green area, café, breakout area, casual meeting areas and reception for the same.
Is there an open area in the space?
Yes, there are multiple open areas in the space. From a lush green outdoor green area, to breakout area between workstations to have casual chats and ease out, and casual meeting areas.
Is there a café?
Yes there is a full functional café with variety of tea and coffee. There is a pantry boy to help you during working hours.
If my mail and courier is coming, do I need to be present to take it or there is staff to handle?
No, you need not be personally there to collect your mail/courier. The person at the reception can collect it for you and will inform you once its received.
Is there IT assistance is provided?
Yes, there is a full time IT person in the space who will assist you for any requirement.
What is the closest metro station? How far is the metro station?
The closest metro station is HUDA City Centre which is a 5-7 minutes walk from nuBase. Other metro stations close by our DLF Phase 1 and IFFCO Chowk which are 10-15 minutes away.
How much security deposit and advance do I have to pay?
At the time of signing the agreement, you have to pay 1 month advance rent and 2 months security deposit refundable at termination of agreement.
Can I cancel my lease? How much notice do I have to give?
Either party may terminate this agreement by giving one month written prior notice to the other party.
What is the parking facility?
We have parking facilities for 2 wheelers in the space. For cars, there is a HUDA parking lot, 100 meters from the building.
Do I have full access to the space?
Yes, once you sign the agreement and become a member of nuBase, there is a biometric scan done of you and your team members via which you have access to the space at any time during working hours.
Can I use the address for legal filings?
The client shall not use the name nuBase or any of its associated names in any way in connection with its business apart from the office location/address.
Is there 24x7 security and power backup?
Yes. Always.
If I have to work on weekends, is it possible?
Yes, you can put in a request at the reception for the same and we can arrange for you. You will have access to the space.
Do I have storage space?
Yes, in some packages we also include storage space in form of cupboards and drawer units.
Can I get extra storage space?
Yes, you can put in a request for extra storage space and we can provide that for you.
How much is the Wi-Fi capacity?
We have 100mbps Wi-Fi capacity with full backup.
What Makes This Nubase Udyog Vihar Coworking Space Unique?
The coworking space in Udyog Vihar is a superior and remarkable co working space for freelancers, multinationals and all kinds of professionals. It offers you an innovative and unique work environment from flexible and variable work stations. The co-working space in Udyog Vihar offers you contemporary and beautiful office furniture. You will surely get mesmerized by the beautifully designed interiors of the working space. The co working space promotes ease of communication and a sense of inspiration. It also provides exceptional and flexible desk plans for consultants, freelancers and students. Udyog Vihar coworking space has exclusively dedicated desk plans for startups, MNCs and corporates. We provide you with all the necessary amenities and services for a comfortable and productive working environment.
What Amenities Are Offered in Udyog Vihar Co Working Space?
The premium co working space in Udyog Vihar offers you one of the best co working space amenities. It provides startups, businesses and entrepreneurs with a fantastic infrastructure, meeting and conference rooms, lounges and flexible desk plans. It is an ideal place for professional and corporates, providing corporations with ease of communication and network. The exceptional co working space in Udyog Vihar offers you excellent electricity and power back up, high-speed internet, mail and courier handling facility, access to common areas, high security and proper housekeeping services. There is also a fully functional café servicing quality tea and variety of beverages. It also has a lush green open area to relax with an amazing parking facility.
Do You Have Communal Seating?
Yes, our prime co working space in Udyog Vihar offers you professional and private communal seating. We have excellent meeting places and functional spaces for remote workers and students. Co working space in Udyog Vihar comes with high-end workstations and productive meeting spaces. We welcome startups and corporates to use our flexible meeting spaces for your events in the most comfortable way. The conference rooms and workstations also have access to all the facilities and requirements for freelancers and other professionals. The inviting work environment also has reliable Wi-Fi, mobile connection and ample outlets. The co working spaces also have great lighting, which promotes positivity and growth.