General Rules

We have created this co-working space to ensure that you have a comfortable and efficient working experience. We request you to please take care of this space, maintain professionalism and appropriate decorum.

Below are few rules to follow while you are in the office space:

  • Working hours are from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday to Saturday. In case you would like to start early or end late, you can inform us in advance and we would be happy to organise it for you.
  • Kindly take care of the office fixtures and other infrastructure.
  • Please ensure you switch of the lights and ACs when not in use.
  • It is the responsibility of each member of the co-working space to ensure that the space is clean and kept well at all times. Kindly use the dustbins kept around to throw waste paper etc. We expect you to keep your desks and chairs organised when not in use.
  • Please use the phone booths in the space for your personal phone calls and other long work calls.
  • We encourage open discussions and brainstorming sessions in the breakout areas, but we would appreciate that the volumes are kept low so that your co-workers are not disturbed.
  • Kindly keep your phones and laptops on low volume or silent mode. You can use your headphones to listen to any music while working.
  • We would expect to you respect the privacy of other co-workers in the space.
  • All of us are working independently, yet together, hence we would not appreciate any misbehaviour or quarrelling at any point.
  • We expect you to wear appropriate office wear to the workspace at all times.
  • Please inform and seek permission from the reception before sending the housekeeping & pantry boys outside office.
  • We would expect you to use your assigned area/seats to keep your belongings (bags, tiffins, laptop, etc).
  • Meeting & Conference Rooms Usage Rules:
    • Kindy book the meeting/conference room 1-2 days in advance
    • In case of urgent need, please seek permission from the reception before entering the room as there may be a prior booking.
    • In addition to the allocated free monthly limit, rooms will be charged on an hourly basis even if used for less than an hour.
    • Please do not carry the stationary provided outside the meeting/conference room.
    • Please ensure the television screen, lights and AC are switched off after usage and that chairs are organised properly before you leave the room.